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Chapter 12: Sound Therapy


My personal style of sound meditation explores the intersection between mindfulness/Zazen techniques and indigenous instruments that I have a right to use. I particularly respond to the subset of instruments that can produce rich deep drones such as natural flutes and 'lurs' (Scandinavian wooden trumpets from the middle ages). It is easy to become lost in these sounds, and when singing and circular breathing techniques are added the experience can become transcendental.  The following quote is taken from a guide concerning Sui-Zen – a discipline associated with shakuhachi playing, that typifies my meditational approach. “Living the bamboo way is a devotion to a sound. To become that sound is to reach high level of spiritual development, as in Basho's teaching, "Learn about the pine from the pine, learn about the bamboo from the bamboo." Learn about yourself from yourself with the bamboo flute as your practice.” (Brooks 2011)

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