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Things to listen to:

Life and career of Hirini Melbourne


Richard Nunns playing and describing his taonga pūoro collection at Zealandia, Wellington

Brian Flintoff's work in the revitalization of taonga pūoro

Sound recordings of Alistair Fraser playing taonga pūoro from museum collections

Things to watch:

Richard Nunns playing and sharing stories about taonga pūoro at Gresham College


Alistair Fraser playing taonga pūoro in the Radio NZ studio


A group of makers and players talking about their journey with taonga pūoro


Sam Palmer making different types of kōauau

Taonga pūoro wānanga at Whanganui

Ariana Tikao, James Webster, Alistair Fraser, and Horomona Horo perform 'Raupatu' | Scrolls 2017

Books to read:

Brian Flintoff's book is filled with taonga pūoro whakapapa and easy to follow guides on making a wide range of taonga pūoro


Richard Nunns's book on taonga pūoro


Taonga pūoro players and makers to Youtube / Google search:

Rob Thorne

Brian Flintoff

Alistair Fraser

Richard Nunns

Ariana Tikao

Hirini Melbourne

Horomona Horo

James Webster

Warren Warbrick

Jerome Kavanagh


Taonga Pūoro NZQA standards and assessments  


Free online Te Reo Māori course


Mauri ora !!! (courtesy Sam Palmer)

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