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This site presents some of the remarkable discoveries I have made on my journey as a sonic artist and teacher of sound-based composition over the past 25-years. It's also the companion site for my book My Sonic Art: Insights and Techniques for Composing Sound-Based Music (available early 2025). The site and the book express a carefully considered point of view on how effective compositions work, specifically in a number of sonic art subdisciplines, maintaining a focus on presenting artistic insights through the use of advanced functional techniques. Its content has been developed through long-term engagement in imaginatively-led sonic art practice together with in-depth study of expert domain literature, repertoire and advanced techniques of sonic and audiovisual artmaking. The scope of sub-disciplinary investigation is wide, intersecting with visual, movement-based and environmentally driven art. This is not a comprehensive overview of sonic art practices; rather, it offers practical advice in the fields that I have personally investigated at depth and in which I have the relevant experience to teach.  ... more

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